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These buildings make efficient use of natural sunlight, efficient temperature control systems, ventilation systems and non-toxic building materials and supplies. By their nature, hospitals and clinics are facilities where people seek treatment from illnesses, infections or diseases. For these institutions, poor air quality can mean more than an interior environment with stale air; it can mean an increased risk of infection or the spread of disease.

Here are two examples that illustrate why better building design is a mandatory part of planning for a more sustainable health care future. Although tuberculosis is no longer the main cause of death among Canadians, it is still a persistent and contagious bacterial disease that affects our population.

A study conducted in 17 Canadian hospitals in examined the risk of catching tuberculosis among employees working in patient rooms. The conclusion reached by these researchers was that inadequate ventilation in patient rooms was strongly associated with an increased risk of infection among health care workers.

In fact, those who worked in poorly ventilated rooms were over three times more likely to become infected than those working in well-ventilated rooms. Tuberculosis is not the only air-borne disease that can be found in hospitals and other health care institutions. This just underscores the need for better ventilation and good interior air quality.

A Green Approach to Health Care

After all, if poor ventilation increases the risk of infection for those who work with patients, what impact does this have on other patients in the same facility? Or on those visiting friends or family? Good building design not only prevents health problems, it also promotes better health outcomes. They found that, on average, recovery times were 15 percent shorter for patients in sunny rooms compared to those in rooms without natural sunlight.

Not only do healthy facilities promote better health outcomes, they are also better places to work. Given the demands for health care professionals, a built environment that safeguards worker health will have an advantage over one that does not.

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Further, healthy buildings improve staff productivity and morale and, as a consequence, reduces staff turnover. Hospitals and health care facilities already incorporate a number of unique design demands.

They are meant to operate on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week, every week of the year. It is estimated that ten dollars in operational costs are saved for every dollar spent on green building systems.

All health care institutions have a built-in incentive to reduce energy consumption. Money not spent on energy can be used to improve patient care. Знакомства www 24 open. Секс ubb classic знакомства кирочка ubb classic. Чад знакомства ubb classic Чад знакомства board трудно назвать диетой.


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